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[aprssig] GPS Receivers RS-232 NMEA

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun Nov 6 06:03:28 UTC 2005

The Deluo GPS Lites are still a good option for APRS.  They're made by
Polstar, based on the Sony CXD2951.  Power consumption is about 60 to 80 ma,
haven't tried setting a low-power mode yet.  I've been carrying these for
awhile, modified for direct connection to a tracker (OpenTracker, TT3, etc),
but I also stock them plain, with the factory mini-DIN connector.  You can
also pop them out of the plastic enclosure for integration in your own
tracker box.
I'm selling them for $58 plus shipping - not as good a deal as below, but
they're solid units and readily available in any quantity, and I ship
worldwide for actual postage plus $1.
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If anyone knows of a low-cost NMEA GPS receiver that works above 18km
altitude, let me know!  I'd like to carry the Garmin GPS 18, but the
quantities required for any sort of discount might not be worth it, since
the high-altitude feature is only really important to a minority of users.
For that matter, if there are any unusual or obscure APRS-centric products
you'd like to see stocked, let me know - my OpenTracker store seems to be
slowly growing into a general APRS hardware store.  Guess I'll have to start
selling Powerpoles soon.  =]
Scott, N1VG


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There appears to be fewer and fewer GPS standard NMEA

RS-232 receivers available these days. I have a limited

suppy of brand new 12 channel SiRF Star II Chipset GPS

Mouse  type receivers available. These units are very 

sensitive and compact (1 3/4"x 1 7/8"x ¾”) enclosed in 

plastic with a built-in  active antenna and draw only 80ma.

Price is $49.00 including S/H in Conus. Email me for details
Will Perry  -  WA6LDQ

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