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[aprssig] Any suggestions for an embedded APRS packet encoder?

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Mon Nov 7 17:42:17 UTC 2005

Scott Miller wrote:

>>   Any suggestions as to where I might find such a beast?  Commercial, 
>> or homebrew is fine.
> Like Jim and Jason said, I've got some firmware out for my OpenTracker 
> hardware that takes kiss frames below a certain size (140 bytes or 
> so?  I'd have to check) and spits them out as audio.  I added XON/XOFF 
> flow control, which isn't part of the KISS spec, but it gives the host 
> some feedback on transmission status.
> You can strip it down to just the MC68HC908KX8 chip, clock oscillator 
> circuit, and a few passives if you want to integrate it with your own 
> circuit.  If Freescale's new chips ever make it to distribution, I 
> might be able to do an 8-pin version that doesn't require an external 
> oscillator.
> I think either your link is wrong, or your weather data is going to be 
> of a very limited nature.  =]
> Also, the OpenTracker has its own 1-wire firmware, which currently 
> supports the basic AAG wind instrument.  The code's open source and 
> hosted on SourceForge if you want to look at it or use it.

Hi Scott:

  Thanks for the info - I'll check out your stuff.  I've never done 
anything at all with KISS, but there's no time like the present, for 
learning.  ;-)

  My system is actually written in Java - I've been running it for a 
couple of years already on PC's and the TINI/TStik.  So far it supports 
all of the standard and even some of the obscure 1-wire sensors ( temp, 
wind, pressure, solar, lightning, snowfall, etc, etc.  )  All I can say 
is - have fun if/when you work on interfacing with the AAG barometer.  
;-)   Much more painful than the Jennings/Bray design.

- Rich

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