[aprssig] Davis WM-II into a KPC3 ?

Robert Kirk isobar at bcpl.net
Mon Nov 7 14:19:19 CST 2005

At 09:12 AM 11/7/05 -0800, Phillip B. Pacier wrote:
>Anyone been able to interface a Davis WM-II directly into a KPC3 to spit 
>out weather data?  I know it can be done with an Ultimiter...
>Phil - AD6NH

No, as far as I believe. I have same setup and called Davis tech. The WM-II 
"console" will only download upon query by a remote station, i.e. a PC. It 
does not automatically dump on a sked. I do know that APRSDos will query & 
download the data and send to the  KPC3 TNC.

Bob Kirk

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