[aprssig] TNC2 KISS eprom

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Nov 7 14:32:00 CST 2005

Who owns the tnc2kiss firmware?  What's the distribution license?  Would 
anyone mind if I offer tnc2kiss chips for a few bucks?

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>I use JKISS in MFJ1270B's and C's without a hitch.  It's part of the 
>bpq408a.zip package.  You can find it using google, or just get it on my 
>webserver at:
> http://dxspots.com/bpq408a.zip
> Just burn the JKISS image to a 27C256 and replace the existing 27c256 
> eprom.
> Ron, N5IN

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