[aprssig] TNC2 KISS eprom

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Nov 7 23:42:11 CST 2005

I burned Phil a copy for testing.  Figured it'd be a good idea to make sure
the burner still works right before I start shipping UIDIGI ROMs to everyone
anyway!  It seems to be working right, but we'll see.


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ad6nh at arrl.net wrote: 

Anyone have handy a known working hex code for burning a KISS eprom for a
1270b?  Thanks in advance. 

Phil - AD6NH 

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I've been trying to respond to your inquiry about this issue off-list,
including  responding to your original direct communication to me on this
issue ,but your arrl.net address keeps bouncing.     Can you contact me from
some email address other than the ARRL mail forwarder which is on numerous
anti-spam black lists.  (The ARRL can't seem to figure out how to configure
their server to block the relaying of spam and consequently has wound up on
numerous IP  black lists.)

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