[aprssig] TNC2 KISS eprom

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Tue Nov 8 10:40:00 CST 2005

Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> ad6nh at arrl.net wrote:
>> Anyone have handy a known working hex code for burning a KISS eprom 
>> for a 1270b?  Thanks in advance.
>> 73
>> Phil - AD6NH
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> I've been trying to respond to your inquiry about this issue off-list, 
> including  responding to your original direct communication to me on 
> this issue ,but your arrl.net address keeps bouncing.     Can you 
> contact me from some email address other than the ARRL mail forwarder 
> which is on numerous anti-spam black lists.  (The ARRL can't seem to 
> figure out how to configure their server to block the relaying of spam 
> and consequently has wound up on numerous IP  black lists.)

Hi Stephen.  I did receive your email that stated you would be out of 
town until Thanksgiving.  I didn't respond because I wasn't sure you 
were going to be checking your email while out of town.  I might need to 
go out to the IGate site at Baker before Thanksgiving, and would like to 
see if I can do the TNC swap at that time.  Also, you are the only 
person that has ever reported having problems sending or receiving email 
from me, so I'm starting to wonder if there is really anything wrong on 
my end ;)  At any rate, I do appreciate your help, and we'll chat when 
you get back from your trip.  Be safe!

Phil - AD6NH

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