[aprssig] National Weather Services Duties Act (S. 786 )

rw at w7rsw.com rw at w7rsw.com
Tue Nov 8 15:19:24 CST 2005

 >This bill, if enacted will affect and prohibit access to NWS data
 >products to marine, aviation and most importantly to the APRS community,
 >the ability to access NWS data used by a large number of Hams and other
 >weather enthusiasts.

 >I'm sorry, well, actually NOT, as I don't feel APRS or Hams are
 >the "most important freeloaders" of NWS data.  Obviously you feel
 >private vessels at sea and aircraft are less deserving of NWS data
 >than mere weather "enthusiasts" (whom BTW don't even care enough
 >to adopt the current measurement and reporting standards of NWS/

 >I too am saddened and hope none of us lose access to NWS data,
 >but to base your fight on the premise that Hams and APRS in particular
 >are the mose deserving is rediculous.

Unfortunately, I neglected to specify that this message was intended for 
the list members on APRSSIG as it relates to Ham Radio and APRS but I 
never intended to lessen the importance of other users of the NWS 

I however will not argue who might be more or less deserving. The point 
of my post was to alert those interested that are reading the messages 
on this Sig that there is proposed legislation that if we simply turn a 
blind eye, could possibly become law. (S. 786) is currently stuck in 
committee where it may die, but if we assume that we can trust our 
elected representatives to preserve our rights as citizens to access of 
information we as taxpayers own, we must tell our legislators how we 
feel. I don't feel it's ridiculous to bring attention to an issue that 
may affect many, including the Ham Radio and APRS communities. Our 
representatives will never know unless we _tell_ them how we feel.

This seems especially appropriate on this November day when many are 
going to the polls or have sent in their ballots to express their 
choices as we are privileged here in the US.

My apologies to those who might be offended by this USA-centric topic.

Randy Whitney, W7RSW

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