[aprssig] A funny packet story/joke (The KISS guys will get it)

Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Tue Nov 8 15:42:52 CST 2005

Sorry, I don't get it....But then I don't KISS Guys either.  :-)

Jason Rausch wrote:

>I had this happen this morning and thought there was
>no better place to share it than here...
>I'm a Motorola two-way tech and the original owner's
>name is Bob, he is 81 years old and is also a ham.  He
>still comes in every morning via transportation with
>me.  He came to me and asked if I had an extra VHF
>portable anywhere that he could use.  I had an old
>GP300, so I programmed it with the repeater and gave
>it to him.  He looked on the front and there was a
>"C0" etched in the face of the housing.  Bob is kinda
>rough around the edges when it comes to talking to
>him.  He asks "What the hell is that for?" pointing at
>the "C0".  All I could think to say was "Well Bob,
>that means everything starts and ends with you."
>Had to laugh a little to myself.
>Jason KE4NYV
>RPC Electronics
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