[aprssig] Alinco or ???

Neville A. Cross nacross at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 12:36:36 CST 2005

I had a DR135 with the small TNC. I haven't tried using KISS since the
manual said is not reliable, but I have been traying for short time as
a base, conected to the PC at home with UI-VIEW and was working fine,
and the I swicthed to Winpack and aso worked fine.

I also tried for a while as a tracker. I notice that there is a small
noice thta the radio emites time to time that can be tired some in a
long journey. I also talk with TI2YO who confirm that he has the same
noice. I worked nice, but it lack some interesting features tahat you
can get with oteher devices, like varing the amount of paket in
relationship with your speed or movement. I have once have the problem
that stoped working and I haven't been able to figure out why or how,
I just pluged back to the computer everything was OK, I doble checked
with the GPS and everything was fine. I went back to the car a
installed again and was working... I really hate what something get
back to work by itself.

I enjoyed working APRS for some time and then working paket for some
time in a trip From Nicaragua to Costa Rica. But at the end having
done that before with a KPC3 was more enjoyable because I did both
thanks to AGW. Of course that I do that when I have a friend driving
and I can give full attention to the laptop. I never used the laptop
while driving, my driving test where using the equipment as tracker

Managua, Nicaragua
On 11/9/05, Art Hostmark <ahostma at hostmark.org> wrote:
> I have an Alinco DT135 that I am using with a TNC-X and am happy with
> the results.  I am not using APRS+SA, I am using UI-View.  This is a
> fixed installation so am not using a gps.  On the TNC-X I have used both
> the USB and serial interfaces with good results.  Hope that helps a bit.
> Art
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> On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 17:00 +0100, joe at dellabarba.com wrote:
> > Is it worthwhile buying the Alinco DT135 radio with the built-in TNC to
> > sue as a tracker and/or with APRS+SA? I have been reading a bit about
> > the TNC has some issues with KISS commands. Would it be better to just
> > buy the radio and use my Tiny Trak or PK-12 on it? Does the TNC-X work
> > well with APRS+SA and the Alinco?
> > Thanks,
> > 73 de N3HGB
> > Joe
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