[aprssig] Alinco or ???

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Wed Nov 9 21:41:27 CST 2005

At 10:31 PM 11/9/2005, scott at opentrac.org wrote:
>Yeah, but without the source code you'd be starting from scratch.  I'll
>write code for Kenwood's radios when Kenwood starts paying me.  =]

Certainly.  Unfortunately the nature of the beast.. What would be 
nice is if they refreshed the software... I'd pay up to 150 bucks if 
it meant breathing new life into it.  The design just really can't be 
beat.  While the Hamhud is neat and all, I'm moving the D700 to a car 
and will likely headliner mount the screen like a friend of mine did 
with his IC208.  The Hamhud would be one extra thing I have no room for.  :)

>That's the TP... I'm talking about the base T version, no TNC - it's $169 at
>Gigaparts.  Makes it an attractive platform for an aftermarket board.

169 isn't bad either, but I didn't cry about paying 239 with the TNC 
board.  It was the cheapest radio/TNC combo I could find.

>I'd have bought one by now if there was anyone else to talk to around here!

There's a satellite overhead here and there to talk to sometimes... 
Break out the Satscape, it supports WISPDDE and the D700 including 
Doppler shift If memory serves :D

>Did some more tweaking on my board and copy is much better now, at least
>with the test source.

Good deal, hopefully it'll work out.  :)

--Droo, K1XVM

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