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[aprssig] D700 not got for 'connected packet'

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 10 04:26:42 UTC 2005

>>> Radio_Q at mchsi.com 11/09/05 7:47 PM >>>
>Can anyone elaborate on this a bit?  
>What exactly is the problem [with the APRS
>TNC in the Alinco or Kenwoods]

1)  It is simple.  It has MAXFRAME = 1 which
means that each packet has to be acknowledged
one ack per line at a time in a connected mode.
Normal packet MAXFRAME can be as high as 7
meaning that up to 7 lines of text can be contained
in one long transmission and only ONE ack is needed
to ack the entire bunch.

Thus, this TNC is not good at reading long CONNECTED
packet messages or bulk file transfers.

2)  They do not do KISS mode.

3)  THey cannot operate in FULL DUPLEX meaning
it cannot RX a packet at the same time it is 
transmitting a packet. (only Satellite operators
care about this one)..

Thats about it.  So use it for single packets one
at a time (APRS ) or occassional BBS checkins,
but dont try to use it to do long connected 
messages or bulk file transfer...


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