[aprssig] Re: A funny packet story/joke (The KISS guys will get it)

Ian ZL1VFO zl1vfo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 03:08:54 CST 2005

>> You know, even though I know that much about KISS, the
>> most frustrating thing is, no matter what spec sheets
>> I read, I still cannot figure out how KISS works.  As
>> far as the algorithm for converting to and from it. 
>> Such as the fact that nothing seems to be in order.

> Once you've seen a working implementation of it in a high-level
> language it gets much easier.  Of course you'd also have to study
> the AX.25 spec to figure out what the heck they're doing with the
> header.

> If you'd like me to point you to some C-code, let me know.

> -- 
> Curt, WE7U.                             archer at eskimo dot com

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm interested.
Can you point out a URL(s)?

I/O, I/O,
It's off to disk I go,
A bit or byte to read or write,
I/O, I/O, I/O... :)

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