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[aprssig] Re: National Weather Services Duties Act (S. 786 )

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Thu Nov 10 18:29:55 UTC 2005

<Would someone point out the offending section(s).  I read it, but can interpret
some sections several ways.>

Steve, how about :
"(b) COMPETITION WITH PRIVATE SECTOR- The Secretary of Commerce shall not
provide, or assist other entities in providing, [anything] that is or could be
provided by the private sector unless--"

And except for some very specific instances, such as international treaty
requirements, that means the Secretary of Commerce, a political appointee, could
simply take every NWS product OFF THE PUBLIC MARKET. Period. No appeal, no
checks and balances, goodbye forever whenever one hack said so.

If you believe in Reagonomics and unburdening government, this is a great thing.
Personally I applaud it and say they should follow through by shutting down the
US Mint and the Federal Reserve bank, since VISA et al can coin a common
currency now. And then dismiss half the senators, after all, why have two per
state when one still provides representation. Of course they could also drop the
vice-presidency, and just require presidents to have wives (Errgh, one wife per
president.<G>) to make appearances the VP does.

Why stop at getting rid of one popular and successful program, when we can
REALLY reduce the tax bill. I'll bet Halliburton would be glad to take over
Social Security, too. Probably could sell ad space on the back of those monthly
checks and envelopes, too! (sigh)

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