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[aprssig] Alinco or ???

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Nov 11 00:26:35 UTC 2005

> Scott, per your request for feedback from Alinco DR-135TP users, I and 
> another local ham use the 135TP for mobile tracker purposes.  This is

Thanks for the info.  Any trouble with the mic staying hot when it's 
transmitting, or do you unplug the mic?

> I'm still anxiously awaiting your replacement board, hope you overcome the 
> production problems.  Maybe those of us with the EJ-41U could send you our 
> boards and you could transplant the connector to your replacement?  A

It's the jumper cable that I need.  Is the one that comes with the EJ-41U a 
separate cable, or is one end soldered to the board?  In any case, that 
still doesn't address the issue for everyone who doesn't have a board 

> thought.  I believe you have previously said that your replacement will 
> support smart beaconing, correct?

Yep, does that already.  The prototype board as it stands now has all of the 
existing OpenTracker code ported to a much larger processor.  All of the 
tracking stuff works, but some of the telemetry isn't done yet.  Some of it 
won't be there anyway for the DR-135T version.  Who really needs to know the 
temperature inside the radio enclosure?


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