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Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Fri Nov 11 09:52:30 CST 2005

If history is any indication I doubt it will even work, we had cb 
channel 9 as sos frequentie in the early days of cb, nobody was using 
that channel because they respected it, the result was that when someone 
placed an sos call nobody was there to respond and the sos caller moved 
to the calling channel 14 or the local channel.

something that is probably going to work better is setting up an 
internet linked network using two or three channels with a fixed tone 
(unlicenced eqso and frn use chanel 5, 6 and 7 with tone 19 in the 
european pmr channels)

Because pmr like frs  uses limited power with nondetachable antenas the 
range is small enough te prevent overloading of the network, besides 
eqso and frn (www.freeradionetwork.nl) communeties can also setup a link 
with teamspeak or other voip software but duplex systems would be best 
used in combination with a pmr/frs repeater.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
Rahn schreef:

> Are we talking about FRS/GMRS radios here? I am guessing so since CB's 
> do not have tone capabilites... that I know of.
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> By now you may be hearing about the concept of
>> SOS Radio, where the public is encouraged to use
>> channel 1 tone 0 for emergency calls to monitoring
>> HAMS.  We tried to get somethign like this going
>> years ago.  In our opinion, the number one sentence that should be 
>> included in ANY such announcement or solicitation to the  public or 
>> in instructions on how to use it is something like this:
>> "Unlike cell phones, radios share a common channel and
>> must have callsigns inorder to distinguish who is saying
>> what to whom.  Callers must identify themselves with
>> a unique callsign.  We suggest your home address or
>> your initials and digits of your home address.  This allows efficient 
>> two-way communications on a shared channel, and the abilitiy for 
>> call-back when needed."
>> Radio channel chatter between anonymous parties multipled
>> thousands-fold will be useless without repeatable-identification.
>> I was going to suggest they use their phone number, but
>> that might give up too much privacy and could be terribly
>> abused.  Actualy for emergency use, I would think that
>> FULL STREET ADDRESS might be the best callsign for this
>> particular SOS application.  Because in one phrase, it
>> not only gives voice ID, but also location.  Both of which
>> are very important.
>> de WB4APR, Bob
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