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Gary V. Smith gvsmith at skyenet.net
Fri Nov 11 13:46:24 CST 2005

And then there's the scoflaw history of CB, Gregg.  Methinks the 
results of a plan such as this would be the same.


At 12:01 PM 11/11/2005, you wrote:
>Andre PE1RDW wrote:
>>If history is any indication I doubt it will even work, we had cb 
>>channel 9 as sos frequentie in the early days of cb, nobody was 
>>using that channel because they respected it, the result was that 
>>when someone placed an sos call nobody was there to respond and the 
>>sos caller moved to the calling channel 14 or the local channel.
>>something that is probably going to work better is setting up an 
>>internet linked network using two or three channels with a fixed 
>>tone (unlicenced eqso and frn use chanel 5, 6 and 7 with tone 19 in 
>>the european pmr channels)
>>Because pmr like frs  uses limited power with nondetachable antenas 
>>the range is small enough te prevent overloading of the network, 
>>besides eqso and frn (www.freeradionetwork.nl) communeties can also 
>>setup a link with teamspeak or other voip software but duplex 
>>systems would be best used in combination with a pmr/frs repeater.
>Without trying to keep useful things from happening...
>FCC part 95 devices are restricted in the US to not allow the 
>connection of any device not created by the vendor of the equipment, 
>and licensed by the FCC.  The text below spells this out.
>Gregg Wonderly
>(a) You may only use an FCC certified FRS unit. (You can identify an 
>FCC certified FRS unit by the label placed on it by the manufacturer.)
>(b) You must not make, or have made, any internal modification to an 
>FRS unit. Any internal modification cancels the FCC certification 
>and voids your authority to operate the unit in the FRS.
>(c) You may not attach any antenna, power amplifier, or other 
>apparatus to an FRS unit that has not been FCC certified as part of 
>that FRS unit. There are no exceptions to this rule and attaching 
>any such apparatus to a FRS unit cancels the FCC certification and 
>voids everyone's authority to operate the unit in the FRS.
>(d) FRS units are prohibited from transmitting data in 
>store-and-forward packet operation mode.
>[61 FR 28768, June 6, 1996, as amended at 68 FR 9901, Mar. 3, 2003]
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