[aprssig] D700 Honda Odyssey Mounting Options

Rahn whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 14:38:50 CST 2005

I can't help you out with this particular van as I don't know what the 
inside of it looks like. However, I have installed this radio in a 
couple extended cap pickups and have always looked to beneath a seat. In 
the two pickups I have installed it in I put it beneath the back seat. 
Seat folds up to allow access to the plugs and then folds down to 
completely protect the radio. I have also installed it beneath the 
drivers seat on a 1988 Toyota Forerunner. Again, it was close enough the 
the backside of the drivers seat to leave access to the plugs with but 
with enough seat covering it to keep it from getting kicked. You are 
limited by the space between the seat and floor of what ever seat you 
choose. Most seats are only held in by four bolts are are fairly easy to 
remove. Make sure to disconnect any wiring if there are power things in 
the seat power seats or heaters.

Rahn Abbott

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