[aprssig] D700 Honda Odyssey Mounting Options

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Fri Nov 11 16:25:35 CST 2005

Note: Speaking in general terms as I don't have the vehicle or the radio
in question, but I do use APRS mobile. ;-)

As others have already suggested - try under the drivers seat.
However, let me add a couple twists here...

I borrowed an idea from a ham whose name/call I've unfortunately gone
blank on. I wish I could give him credit.

I have a mobile that I occasionally put into our minivan for trips. The
mobile is mounted on a piece of plywood. The plywood is cut wide enough
that it has be slid in with one end elevated. Once it's flat it will not
slide forward in a panic stop.

The radio is powered from the power seat wiring harness. (30A fused,
always on) Our old van did not have the power seat but did have the power
feed. The new van does and I just tapped into it.

The control head is mounted to a piece of aluminum cut to fit in the
"pocket" on the dash. The front of mine was bent up on a sheet metal
brake, but you could use a piece of angle too. For weight I attached two
short pieces of PVC pipe filled with steel buckshot. (I have kids - lead
seemed like a bad idea.) I haven't covered mine at all, but the ham I
borrowed the idea from had glued a piece of anti-slip mat on the part that
went in the pocket.

On the old van I ran a feedline from under the seat to an access panel in
the rear. Haven't done that yet on the new one but plan to.

Installation is a matter of minutes.
Place mag mount antenna on rear half of roof.
Drop cable through open vent window.
Connect to feedline (old van) or route forward to drivers seat. (new van)
Carry radio to car and set on floor in front of seat.
Connect power lead and feedline.
Optionally connect external speaker (My radio has a good enough speaker
that I don't really need the external, but YMMV.)
Lift one side of the plywood and slip radio under seat.
Slip control head into pocket on dash.
Tuck cable under mat.

Removal is basically the reverse of above.


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