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KENT HUFFORD khufford at comcast.net
Fri Nov 11 16:58:03 CST 2005

I have a 2002 Odyssey Van with a D700, 706mk2G, RoadyXM2, GPS, 2 5/8 wave
2m/440 antennas, Little Tarheal 2 w/TurboTuner, 5 port RigRunner.
-  The D700 main unit under the drivers seat, along with the RigRunner.
- Ran a DC power cable direct from the battery thru the blank rubber grommet
on the middle of the firewall, then under the carpet to the rigrunner
- Put a LIGHTFUSE Mini Add a Circuit FHM200BP tap on the fuse block by the
drivers left foot to turn on the RS GPS setting on the dash when the car is
- Have one of the 5/8 wave antennas on a Diamond K400 mount on the left
front engine hood hooked to the 706mk2 under the left rear passenger seat.
- Have the other 5/8 wave antenna on a Diamond K400 mount on the left rear
of the rear hatch. between the brake lights and the window hooked to the
D700 under the drivers seat.
- Have the 706mk2 unit under the left rear(mid) seat hooked to the
- Have two speakers setting in the bottom "bin" the opens from the center
- RoadyXM2 sets on the center tray, hooked to the rigrunner for power,
antenna sets on the dash, next to the GPS, audio is fed via a aftermarket
device that plugs into the rear of the OEM AM/FM/CD player. Press CD when it
doesnt have a CD in it, and the XM plays.
- Control heads for the D700 and the 706mk2 are mounted on a aircraft
plywood "plate" that is screwed to the end of a 2x4 that fits into the
"opening" below the OEM stock radio. The opening sorta looks like a holder
for CDs.
- Use a 3 magnet mount to put the Tarheal on the roof, with a 6 ft whip,
thru the TurboTuner. So it is about 12' 8" total. Can get thru both
Baltimore tunnels.
khufford at comcast.net
Also have 53k on the van with the 2nd gear Xmission spray kit, and still
running fine.

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Would like to install my D700 in the van this weekend and wandering if
anyone else has any suggestions on where they have mounted there main unit
in an (03) Odyssey. I would like to be able to access all of the plugs and
jacks relatively easy after the installation. I use the center tray between
the seats regularly so using it is out.

Thanks Randy KD4JZY

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