[aprssig] D700 Honda Odyssey Mounting Options

Brad [VE3BSM] lists.nospam at bpsmicro.com
Fri Nov 11 17:56:29 CST 2005

The radio is powered from the power seat wiring harness. (30A fused, always
on) Our old van did not have the power seat but did have the power feed. The
new van does and I just tapped into it.

Now *that* is brilliant. I need to mount my D700 in my new Camry (wrapped my
previous one around a deer a couple of weeks ago), and was fretting over the
age-old problem of running a decent-gauge wire back from the battery. My car
has power seats, so if the wire used looks adequate I'm going to consider
tapping in. That'll probably save me an hour or two of figuring out how to
get the wire through the firewall.
The radio itself will go in the trunk, but running a wire *that* far will be
a no-brainer.

While the question didn't come up here, I experimented with one of those
MP3->FM modulator thingies to see if I could get radio sound through the car
stereo and save mounting speakers. It kinda sorta worked, but in the end I
decided to stick with speakers (which I'll probably mount under the seat
rather than on the dash). If anybody else wants to try this, get something
that allows easy connection to external power (some are battery only) and
doesn't have an "auto-off" feature. That turns off the unit when the sound
level drops, which is fine for music, but for ham stuff it'll go off often,
leading to white noise on your car stereo, and missed beginnings of

The only other thing I want to find is one of the Panavise (or equivalent)
brackets use for mounting cellular handsfree units for the handsfree and
scanner. I've already identified a great "cubby" for the D700 head.


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