[aprssig] D700 Honda Odyssey Mounting

Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Fri Nov 11 18:05:24 CST 2005

Although I don't have the van in question.  I do have a 2002 Venture and
like others was able to mount the D700 under the drivers seat on a metal
plate.  I use u-bolts to loosely attach the plate to the round rod
beneath the seat.  The rod rotate when the seat is raised or lowered.  A
piece of soft plastic tubing cushion the ubolts and plate so it does not

For the display head, check the panavise web site
http://www.panavise.com/nf/comm/indash/index.html,  for a cell phone
holder.  This is a metal bracket that slips between the factor radio and
the dash.  Another metal plate that is smallet than the D700 bolts on to
the first plate.  Because the plate is smaller that the D700.  I use
some aluminum angle stock cut to the length of the D700 to attach the
D700 control head bracket on.  This bracket is attached to the Panavise
bracket.  Another smaller 90 degree stock was used to make a small metal
bracket that I could attach the mic holder to just below the D700.  The
contol head is at the right angle to see from the drivers seat and stick
out of the dash at an angle.  I can PM pictures of the installation if
requested the description does not do it justice.

The control head is at the proper angle for the driver, passenger is out
of luck, easy to remove and store away to prevent theft.  The wires run
into the dash and under the carpet to the drivers seat. The DC power and
ground come directly from the battery with both leads fused at the
battery.  I used two sets of power pole connectors under the seat.  The
first power the radion, the second allows me to attach a rig runner or a

I really like the panavise solution and the best part is it could easily
be expanded to hold mor that one control head, say for a HF mobil too
and it is solid in my van.  It can however, be bumped by the front seat
passenger attemping to move to the back seat.  I have kids but they
generally do not ride in the front seat so it's not a big problem yet.

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