[aprssig] Axiom GPS modules

Rahn whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 09:36:27 CST 2005

Donald Jacob wrote:

> Anyone have experience with the Axiom modules that were on eBay. I 
> bought a couple and can't seem to get them to work .
> Thanks
> Don  WB5EKU
I would think that probably the easiest mistake to make with these is 
wiring data in and data out backwards. Data out from the module goes to 
data in on the radio and vise versa. I would be really easy to put data 
out to data out  and then it would appear that it doesn't work. Have you 
tried using the software that came with it to see if it was actually 
working? I also noticed that ground is really important to the data part 
of it as well. I fought with that for a bit before I realized that my 
ground pin on the serial plug was not soldered good.

Rahn Abbott

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