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[aprssig] AX.25 'H' flag

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Mon Nov 14 20:11:04 UTC 2005

Robert Bruninga schreef:

>>>>"Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 11/14/05 12:07 PM >>>
>>Nothing, if you're dealing with raw AX.25 
>>packets/KISS packets and can see them all 
>>there in the header.  Put an '*' for each one.
>But please, if you are writing code, display the
>packet in th estandard TAPR-2 Monitor format
>which is only marking the LAST one with a *.
>To my knowledge there are only two formats.
>the correct TAPR-2 display format and the
>AEA format which is NOT desired.
>Please do not invent a third one that we might
>have to code for in the future...
You are far to late Bob, German based "The Firmware" has been around for 
at least a decade maybe longer and is far different from tapr and aea 
format, that is why dosaprs doesn´t work on european tncs without an 
eprom swap.
That is also why programmers keep telling you and others not to depend 
on the convers mode of a tnc as a software interface.
There is a common interface for all tncs already and it is called KISS, 
suport that and you will not have to code for future tncs.

If you don´t know how to interface KISS then check the open licenced 
software like xastir, digi_ned etc. for portable code.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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