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[aprssig] Settings for an event??

Vince rradiohham1 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 15 00:26:45 UTC 2005

Now that I have finally have the X-Digi working.
I would like to find out what settings I should use for position location
when I will not be sure to where it will be located. It will be used as a
fill-in digi. When setting from a home QTH, there is no problem, but for an
event, such as a 50K run, I will not have any idea where it will be used,
because I may place it with another person (ham), and it would have to be
setup prior to the event.

Should I just not send a beacon and position?  Or leave it set for the home
QTH?, which would not be where it is being used.

A good thing I have until spring to get this setup and working.

Vince, K6BIR

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