[aprssig] N4ZZQ-3

Alfred Keen SSGKEEN at army.com
Mon Nov 14 22:52:02 CST 2005

This digipeater is setup as per Bob's Settings for MD / VA KPC-3+
Version 8.3 DIGIPEATERs   10 April 2004. After reading some posts I
guess it was causing some problems. For that I apologize. I access the
digi remotely and reloaded the settings and checked it again. I don't
have physical access to it 24-7 so this is the best way I got to change
any settings. I always kept my email address in my BTEXT so if there is
any need to contact me it would be there. I didn't realize that this
digi was a "long term problem" and if it continues just let me know and
I will take it off the air. I listed the settings below. I copied and
paste this straight off my terminal software. If something is not right
please email me directly and I will try to fix it. My email is
ssgkeen at army.com 
Thanks and 73's
Alfred Keen
prompt:MYCALL   N4ZZQ-3
prompt:MYALIAS  disabled
prompt:HID      OFF
prompt:CD       SOFTWARE
prompt:UIDIGI   ON WIDE4-4,WIDE5-5,WIDE6-6,WIDE7-7
prompt:UIFLOOD  VA,30,ID
prompt:UITRACE  WIDE,30
1 EVERY 00:30:00 STARTING AT 00:00:00
2 EVERY 00:30:00 STARTING AT 00:10:00
3 EVERY 01:00:00 STARTING AT 00:20:00
4 EVERY 01:00:00 STARTING AT 00:50:00
1 APN383
2 APN383
3 APN383 VIA WIDE1-1
4 APN383 VIA WIDE2-2
prompt:UNPROTO  APN383
prompt:BTEXT    !3704.88NN08149.68W#PHG5730/ssgkeen at army.com
prompt:BEACON   EVERY 10 min
1 !3704.88NS08149.68W#PHG5730/TAZEWELL COUNTY ARES WIDEn-n
2 !3704.88NS08149.68W#PHG5730/TAZEWELL COUNTY ARES WIDEn-n
3 !3704.88NS08149.68W#PHG5730/TAZEWELL COUNTY ARES WIDEn-n
4 !3704.88NS08149.68W#PHG5730/TAZEWELL COUNTY ARES WIDEn-n
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