[aprssig] Suggestions for Automatic Power Off/Power On circuit for mobile rigs?

David Rush david at rushtone.com
Tue Nov 15 14:52:46 CST 2005


I use the ChargeGuard: http://www.sirennet.com/batpowsavmod.html

Hmmm.... package seems to have gotten a little smaller since I bought 
mine.  Oh well.

It'll keep the power applied for a switch-selectable amount of time 
(shortest is 15 min, longest is a few hours, IIRC).  It'll also shut things 
down if the battery voltage drops below or above certain thresholds.

David, KY7DR

At 03:16 PM 11/15/2005, you wrote:

>Does anyone have any suggestions for an automatic power off circuit, for a 
>mobile rig?
>I'm installing my FT-8500 in my trunk, and would like to be able to have 
>the rig power off after, say, 10 minutes, and power on when the car is started.
>Having it power on is easy enough - I'm just going to insert a relay into 
>the cigarette lighter line that energizes the power lines that I've passed 
>conveniently next to it.  ;-)  But I'd also like the rig to have a delayed 
>power off, so that it can get one last posit out.
>I'd also like to have my GPS powered off, as well, since it draws about 
>100ma, and I'd like to keep battery drain to an absolute minimum, 
>especially when it's -30 degrees out.  Therefore, using the rig's built-in 
>APO is possible, but that doesn't help me with the GPS.
>I've seen the APO2 at http://www.aprsworld.com/apo/ , and I'll probably 
>breadboard one up, but I'm interested in other solutions, as well.
>- Rich
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