[aprssig] Suggestions for Automatic Power Off/Power On circuit formobile rigs?

Brad [VE3BSM] lists.nospam at bpsmicro.com
Tue Nov 15 14:54:27 CST 2005

I built a circuit that does exactly that, a real simple one that energizes a
large relay a second or two after I start the car, and five minutes after I
turn it off. I also have a switch that allows me to leave it on all the time
(like if I'm running a cross-band repeater for example).
I leave my GPS on all the time, primarily because the old Earthmate I'm
using has a design flaw that causes it to initialize to its "home" position
on power up, and take forever to get a sat lock. The result was the D700
would always beacon "home" at least once, and then re-beacon at my real
position after the GPS locked. People monitoring me were wondering why I was
flitting across town so quickly. A better GPS wouldn't have that problem.

I got the schematic off the Net somewhere. I'll try to find it again and
post a link.


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formobile rigs?

Does anyone have any suggestions for an automatic power off circuit, for a
mobile rig?

I'm installing my FT-8500 in my trunk, and would like to be able to have the
rig power off after, say, 10 minutes, and power on when the car is started.

Having it power on is easy enough - I'm just going to insert a relay into
the cigarette lighter line that energizes the power lines that I've passed
conveniently next to it.  ;-)  But I'd also like the rig to have a delayed
power off, so that it can get one last posit out.

I'd also like to have my GPS powered off, as well, since it draws about
100ma, and I'd like to keep battery drain to an absolute minimum, especially
when it's -30 degrees out.  Therefore, using the rig's built-in APO is
possible, but that doesn't help me with the GPS.

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