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[aprssig] Suggestions for Automatic Power Off/Power On circuit for mobile rigs?

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Tue Nov 15 21:33:35 UTC 2005

> So how come you're not recommending the one you came up with James?
> I run that APO in my Jeep and it works just fine.  Shuts everything
> down something like 15 minutes after it hits the low-voltage
> trigger.  Turns the equipment on some few seconds after the Jeep
> starts up.

Hi Curt and List,

For the majority of people my APO2 works as designed, but there are a few 
pesky loads that it just won't work with -- and I can't duplicate the problem 
here. The problem bugged me enough that I decided to pull the APO2 off the 
market until I could get a chance to redesign it to use a relay instead of 
the solid state power switch (which I think is the problem).

I do have plenty more of the APO2's around, but I'm out of cases. If anybody 
wants one I'd be happy to supply one minus the case (and give you a $7 
discount off of list price) -- as long you understand that I won't garantee 
it for all loads. If it works great, if it doesn't I'll refund your full 
purchase price.



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