[aprssig] Garmin GPSMAP 60CS

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Wed Nov 16 21:36:48 CST 2005

So I went to upload some data to my trusty eTrex Legend and discovered that
its prolonged dunking in the north fork of the Virgin River had caused some
damage after all.  There was a fair amount of corrosion on the board and I
haven't been able to get the data RX working again.

I've got tons of other GPS receivers around here for APRS, but nothing else
with a map display.  I don't really want to buy another eTrex when this one
still mostly works, so I was checking out some of the other offerings and
the GPSMAP 60CS looks the most interesting.  Does anyone have any experience
with this unit?  Is it worth twice the price of an eTrex?  Does it take the
traditional round Garmin connector, or the smaller Rino-style?  It's not
clear from the manual.


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