[aprssig] Maps for the Pan-Am Hiway...

Carl Taylor carltt at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 16 22:42:58 CST 2005

It looks as if I am going to be driving down the Pan-Am hiway from Fort 
Lauderdale to Brownsville Tx and all the way to San Jose, Costa Rica...

This will be sometime in Jan...  I have been away from APRS for a coupla 
years and have lost track of whats best

I need a mapping program for both my driving and APRS... Which one works 
the best ? ? ?  Which APRS ? ? ?

I will be driving a Chevy Tahoe with a ICOM  HF,KPC-3, into an 
Outbacker..  I will have a Compaq 266Mhz laptop for full time use...

Any recommendations on equipment, Programs and software  would be 

Is there any point in running VHF ? ? ?

Thanks, I need all the help I can get...

Carl   W9ZGU
Hollywood, FL.

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