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[aprssig] I-Gate

Robbie mwrobertson at comcast.net
Wed Nov 23 16:42:09 UTC 2005

The station here that looks like the cause of delayed packets, is 60 
plus miles west of the area it is I-Gateing and there are 3 or 4 I-gates 
around us that are not doing the delay. I even think there are a couple 
UI-View I-Gates, not sure on that...

Maybe the fact that we have several really good coverage digipeaters and 
can be heard the 60 plus miles on one hop that is part of the problem.

It isn't going to bring down the network, but it sure is weired watching 
a mobile leapfrog down the highway, and doesn't look too good for APRS IMHO


Cap Pennell wrote:

> It seems these delays are always caused by UI-View32 IGates, and it's been
> mentioned here many times before, but I haven't heard any usable solutions
> or an explanation.  Anybody know any?

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