[aprssig] OpenTracker prototype / beta units for sale

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
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Do you have a timeline somewhere you are keeping record of your excellent
work ?

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> Then don't shell out hundreds of dollars. :)
> $10 setup fee - $2.50 per square inch.

I actually got my last prototype batch cheaper than that.  It was still a
couple hundred bucks (around 100 square inches total), but I got several
different designs done at once.  My point was that I could send off the
fixed design to the production board house (where prices are MUCH lower for
large quantities), but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that without
another prototype round.

That said, Sparkfun are good guys - I haven't used their PCB service, but
they've always had good customer service and lots of interesting

Scott, N1VG

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