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[aprssig] WS-2317-CP Wireless Weather Station

Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV aprs at almostanywhere.com
Wed Nov 23 20:22:26 UTC 2005

On Nov 23, 2005, at 12:45 PM, Scott Miller wrote:

>> So I voided the warranty by cutting and re-crimping the cable.   
>> Mentioning that escentially also cut all useful communications  
>> with  La Crosse Technology.
> That's not cool.  Not that'd I'd really expect more from front-line  
> tech support.
> I had a problem with the La Crosse rain gauge giving high readings,  
> but I had it plugged into an OpenTracker, not the base unit.  I  
> just had to use a lower value for the pull-up resistor to make sure  
> it had enough current for the long cable.  The internal one in the  
> I/O pin is very weak.
> I'd say add a ferrite or two on the cable for starters.  Does the  
> reading on the display jump all at once when the bucket tips, or is  
> it getting stray readings when it hasn't actually tipped?

Afer I had crimped the new connector I thought about adding a couple  
of beads. I need to go out and watch the display as I tip the sensor  
manually. I have a little suspicion that air may be coming up through  
the drain holes and causing the pails to rock back and forth. I have  
the sensor somewhat cantilevered into place and some of the drain  
holes are out in the free air.


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