[aprssig] Digital sats you can work, where?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Nov 25 09:56:27 CST 2005

>hi, right, GO-32 and AO-51... with needed preamps, 
>PCsat, ISS once inawhile and  mostly all you get is a 
>beacon,digi. We need more easy digital sats....

Yes, nothing could be easier than ISS and PCsat
digipeaters.  The PCsat even uses the same
digi aliases as terrestrial APRS so that all an APRS
user has to do during a pass is simply QSY his packet
rig from his national APRS frequency to 145.825.

PCsat also uses the same ALIAS as ARISS so that
if you configure your UNPROTO path to ARISS, then
again, you can work ARISS or PCsat digipeater only
by QSY, no other changes.

Also any Kenwood D7 or D700 can work any of 
these 3 satellites directly in APRS mode, ISS, PCsat
and PCSAT2.  The disadvantage of PCSAT2 is
that normally its dowlink has to be on UHF 435.275
to avoid interfering with ISS school contacts and
on UHF, is 9 dB harder to hear in a mobile than

To be continued...
de Wb4APR, Bob
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