[aprssig] Re: NO-44 PCSAT Telemetry

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 27 10:02:22 CST 2005

PCSAT-1 has a digipeater on 145.825 up and down
using all the aliases you tried.  It also has a second
digi with a downlink on 144.39 and unpublished uplink.
The 145.825 system is for general use and the other
digi was for special use, for special events or special
travelers.  So far, no one has asked to use it...

>>> "Stefan Wagener" <stefan_wagener at hotmail.com> 
>I am still confused however on the correct [PCSsat]
>uplink/downlink frequencies....   AMSAT says:
>Uplink/Downlink 145.827 MHz FM 1200 Baud AFSK 

I just use 145.825, but it wouild be nice if someone
with a discriminator meter coiuld give another opinion
on the center freq.

>Aux Uplink 435.250 MHz FM 9600 Baud AFSK 

Yes, but it is those 2 UHF receivers that are
causing us to be power negative.  We shut them
down to survive.

>APRS Downlink 144.390 MHz FM (Region 2)

Yes, with unpublished uplink.

>The PCsat user agreement says:
>Up 145.827 and down 145.825
>However, I received the signals at 144.390
>I had no success with PCSat-1, or APRS, or 
>ARISS, or Wide, or Relay, or W3ADO-1 in the 
>Unproto path on 145.827 uplink and 144.390 
>downlink. Any help would be appreciated.

Thats because your downlink was coming
down on 145.825....
Good luck!  She is working...
though I dont have much luck during good 
passes on my mobile.   I get in very well,
(can hear my digipeats), but only decode
a few packets per pass.

Good luck!
de Wb4APR, Bob

PCSAT Telemetry captured via PCSAT Telemetry Decoder for UI-View32 (V2.41)
on 11-26-05 at 22:53 UTC





Batt A   15.74

Batt B   15.70

P Out    2.05

8V Reg 7.48



X+        -

X-         24.0

Y+        -

Y-         25.0

Z+        -

Z-         23.6

Stack    24.7

Batt      26.0

Xmtr     26.4



X+        7

X-         19

Y+        53

Y-         67

Z+        -

Z-         6

Batt      46







Stefan, VE4NSA



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