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[aprssig] APRS trackers on 10m (updated)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 27 17:19:11 UTC 2005

Updated design goals for a 10m APRS tracker:
> 1) Xtal controlled 25W tracker on 28.187 MHz
> 2) Operates straight FSK at 1200 baud 1000 Hz shift
> 3) uses trimed down CB antennas for cheap mobiles
> 4) XTAL controled RX can be built with just an RF
>     amp and an FSK receiver chip -OR-
* 5) ANY normal AX.25 TNC and an SSB RX will work too
* 6) Tracker PIC processor INTERROGATES other
*     VOICE radios in the car and includes the present
*     OPERATING frequency in the position report.
* 7) Posit should be the extremely short Mic-E format
* 8) PIC should do automatic time-slot assignment
      (1-to-60) according to the sum of the last 2 bytes 
      of the call plus the SSID.

Remember the ARRL is interested in technology that will
let the amateur radio community QUICKLy asses the
location AND frqeuncy of operation of all radio amateurs
involved in a "situation".  We think APRS is IDEAL and
is ready to go.  If we can just get FREQUENCY included
in all position reports we are there already.  This should 
be the design goal of ALL tracking devices and new designs.

I have a web page on this already, but can't find it
here at home.  Ill publish it later...

de Wb4APR, Bob

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