[aprssig] 6 meter was:10m & 1000 Hz shift

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 04:43:17 CST 2005


Also, EU-US propagation is not unheard of on 6, so take care with
frequency assignments.  In the UK we have 50 to 52MHz, the last time I
looked.  The lower part 50 to 50.4 or so, is generally small signal
stuff, and predominantly SSB/CW.   No doubt if you look about the RSGB
web site www.rsgb.org.uk  (You don't "need" the java applet)  you could
find a band plan for 6m that we in the UK at least, are encouraged to
use, as guidance of what to avoid...  If you located your 6m APRS above
52MHz that problem would be solved of course.  But no doubt show up

QRP trackers as Andre said, shouldn't be a problem, but anything with
over 20W and a 1/4 wave, may just get a little but further than you
expect some times not that it's payload will get used, just "P" off
other users.   QRP over hear generally means 5W or less.

As for the 10m ideas, please look at the international band plans, and
if you go that route, stick it well out of the way of the SSB/CW users,
and yes 1kHz AFSK shift is not a good idea!  Remember, that we Euro
types have often used several of the US 10m repeater network in recent
years, many of them put quite a respectable signal into Europe at
times..  OK, so sunspots are on the wane, but take care..

Also take note, that in the UK at least, "converting" EX CB sets (FM by
the way, not AM) is not exactly approved.  Even owning a multimode CB is
somewhat of illegal without a specific certificate, not that you'd think
so with the number on eBay at times for sale over hear.  Many of them
even on CB frequencies are not exactly clean or stable either, then you
go messing with the synthesizer, Hmmmmm.....

Timeslots...  Too complicated, looking at this list (and others) very
many peeps have trouble setting up relatively simple APRS systems, what
chance getting accurate timing working, even with GPS help!

Remember the K.I.S.S. principle.

Dave G0WBX.

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> Robert Bruninga schreef:
> >since I dont think the Europeans have that [6 meter] band.  
> So it would 
> >be a USA centric solution.
> >
> Actualy most european countries have at least a part of the 6 
> meter band so it can be used here as wel.
> It is however a seccondary band with milatary and tv 
> broadcast sharing it on primary base.
> This means that there are limits on what can be done, The 
> netherlands for example is limited to 30 watt above 50.450 
> and in fm and forbit unattended operation and crossband qsos
> A low power tracker should not be a problem tough.

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