[aprssig] AGWTracker now with dynamic mapping capability built-in

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Mon Nov 28 10:57:36 CST 2005

Dave and all,

Yes, that's true, can't get maps if you're not connected to the 
Internet, but most hams are, and many have high speed Internet.  So it 
could be an issue for some, but not many.  I have so many static maps 
that I created with UI-View, I really don't have a need for dynamic 
mapping but many want that capability.

Yes, it will continue to run without being registered as it is "hamware" 
meaning you can contribute if you like (that's my understanding).  I did 
because I think he did a very nice job and I like the tabs/multiple map 
windows.  Right now I have five map views up - three old UI-View static 
maps and two dynamic maps - one Google and one Virtual Earth.

Yes, UI-View works now but if anything changes on the APRS specs (like 
digipeating already having changed), or going to a future Windoz OS 
version, UI-View may not work since it cannot be maintained.  I want to 
move now, some will of course choose to wait.

I downloaded and installed AGWPE in minutes.  Nothing to set-up and it 
has never crashed (1.2 Ghz system, 256MBs of Memory and Windows XP).  
Does not impact the resources on my system much at all.  Have 
AGWTracker, UISS, AGWDigi, Nova Sat Tracking, and MixW all running 
happily and speedily all at the same time.

What I like is that since AGWPE connects to the KPC 3+ TNC, the 
applications "talk" to AGWPE instead of the TNC.  What's nice about that 
is that AGWPE will then allow multiple applications running and using 
the TNC simultaneously.  I have AGWTracker, AGWDigi and UISS all running 
at the same time.  Typically when the application has to access a TNC 
directly, you can only have one application running at a time since with 
Windows, that application captures the serial port.  With this set-up, 
AGWPE captures the serial port, but allows multiple applications to talk 
to it.  Makes it very easy for me to switch between standard APRS on 
144.39 and UISS fly-overs on 145.80.  Just a single flick of the memory 
switch on the rig.

Just my experience so far.


Dave Baxter wrote:
> Nice features, but not a lot of use if you're not "net" connected.  /M
> or /P etc.
> The ability to use the existing maps is good for someone migrating, but
> as yet I've never got a correcty checksummed download from his site, so
> have not managed to evaluate it.  Does it run in demo mode, or do you
> need to register it from the very beginning?  If the latter, less
> attractive.  Ui-View, though "Frozen" does at least work reliably, quite
> an achievement concidering.....
> Not had a great deal of luck with AGWPE either (neither have others I
> know who tried it)  Seems to be a very good way to have to take the
> battery out of the laptop to get control back.  Nice when it does work,
> but out of 5 PC's I've tried various versions on (the plain packet
> engine that is) only one chose to run it (this one) and that locked up
> after 5 mins.  Also, not unsuprisingly, its very much a resource hog,
> not leaving much processor time for other stuff, making the rest of the
> PC run like an old 10Meg 286...   Tosh M30 Laptop, P4/1500M (no
> hyperthreading), 256MB SigmaTell audio, XP-Pro SP2 and all updates
> etc...
> Thanks for the info, may take another look.
> Dave G0WBX.
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>> Well all that has changed now. George has added Virtual Earth 
>> and Google mapping to the product. Now you can zoom in and 
>> out, up and down, and side to side. And it even uses your old 
>> UI-View maps without having to modify them at all. Move/Copy 
>> your UI-View map directory to AGWTracker (or leave it where 
>> it is, it does not matter) and you can use your entire UIV 
>> map investment.
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