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[aprssig] AGWTracker now with dynamic mapping capability built-in

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Mon Nov 28 17:08:23 UTC 2005

Dave Baxter wrote:

>Not had a great deal of luck with AGWPE either (neither have others I
>know who tried it)  
I've had relatively good luck with using AGWPE, but it is not working 
with this "new" TNC that I have, and I have had no luck getting any 
support from the 1,400 members on the AGWPE list.  Does anyone have 
experience with using the KPC9612+ TNC with the add-on 1200b port?  As 
soon as I hooked up this TNC, AGWPE stopped working for me.  Seems to 
work fine in KISS mode when other applications such as UI-View connect 
directly to it, but it wont work with AGWPE.  So thus my plan will not 
work if I cannot get it to talk to AGWPE.  Neat little package though; 
two 1200b ports and a 9600b port.  Probably a faulty Kantronics ROM...

UI-View I think is still the best all-around choice for Windows users.  
I would love to try Xastir, but I have no idea how to do much of 
anything with Linux and I have had no luck getting it to install via 
Cygwin.  AGWTracker looks nice, but does not support the NWS overlays 
that I like to use.  WinAPRS I have always had problems with too.  So 
here's where Bob tells me I should just use APRSDos and shut my trap ;)

Phil - AD6NH

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