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[aprssig] sunroof antenna?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 17:50:26 UTC 2005

Many cars with sunroof's intentionaly have a metalic structure in the
glass.  Not for security, or to protect the ocupants from the sun, but
to keep some form of RF shielding in place to prevent RF on the outside
from getting inside..  Seriously.......!  So the car passes a whole
vehicle EMC test with minimal issues....
If the roof is open, you could "Slot feed" the apateure, it's about the
right size for 2m, (Euro cars anyway) and sort of horizontaly polarised
too.  But, the ammount of RF inside the car could be a problem for the
car's systems.
Have Fun!..
Dave G0WBX.

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