[aprssig] AGWTracker now with dynamic mapping capability built-in

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 11:51:06 CST 2005

Likewise, at the moment, even with it's "Features" Ui-View is about the
best, and easiest to setup, though some do have trouble, I don't
honnestly thing it's a fault of the program, or Roger.  I'd have thought
though, that "someone who knows" would have re-written some of the help
files by now, and edited the default setups to reflect as you say the
new digi schemes, as well as the different frequencies in the US and EU

Xastir, I also would like to try that, the screenshots look good, but,
getting anything running on Linux, unless it was distributed with it, or
specificaly compiled for the distro you have seems next to impossible,
or am I expecting too much?  In this day and age, having to have a user
recompile and link an application, just to get it to run is in my mind
unaceptable, if just that too many things can (read did!) go wrong,
ending up needing to reinstall Linux. (Suse V9)  I didn't bother, as
that was a right faff too...  That's when I tried the Puppy Linux live
CD.  Nice, but that doesnt seem to take anything not compiled for it,
despite what the developers say, but they know what they are talking
about of course...

APRS will no doubt move on, as things do.  No doubt many of us will find
ways to keep Ui-View working with much of it as we need.  Personaly, NWS
traffic is a waste of air time or net bandwidth, as it means nothing to
me, and is not even in my teritory.  But has to be said, is of use to
many where it is.

"Precision Mapping" likewise, is of no use to anyone outside the US.
I'm surprised no one has linked Ui-View or whatever to Memory Map, Ozi
Explorer etc, or in the UK, Anquet Maps.  For the future no doubt.  They
have the ability to communicate with other applications, I just don't
have the time to research how it works.

Other than the less than polished front end (and that is not meant as a
gripe) FindU is about the best single system for APRS mapping.  But,
it's a remote system of course, so not avalable to /p or /m users,
without conciderable cost.

Time to quit for the day...


Dave G0WBX.

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