[aprssig] Re: AGWTracker now with dynamic mapping capability

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Mon Nov 28 12:27:16 CST 2005

<<George has added Virtual Earth and Google
mapping to the product. >>

Caveat emptor. Google apparently gets maps from NavTeq and at least one other
source, and they seem to be using the US Census TIGER maps or other data which
is not intended for navigation. In my area, the Navteq maps show lat/lon
co-ordinates 1/10th of a mile wrong from their actual locations. Google feels
this is a NavTeq problem. NavTeq can't seem to understand there is a problem at
all, since their street addresses show up on the correct streets. (It's the
lat/lons that are wrong here, not the geocoding for addresses.)

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