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[aprssig] AGWTracker now with dynamic mapping capability built-in

Amateur Radio WB8NUT duffy at wb8nut.com
Mon Nov 28 20:16:47 UTC 2005


I wish I had an answer to that question with every piece of ham software 
I have come to use and love. Can't find a socially acceptable way to ask 
a fellow ham/software developer "so if and when you die, what are you 
going to do with the source code?"

I really wish Roger had made his source code public domain so another or 
others could have picked it up and taken it to the next level. After 
using AGWTracker, it would have been nice to have it using an Internet 
mapping source and multiple map view tiled or tabbed. But, it will never 
come. George has features in his application that UIV does not have and 
UIV has features that would be nice if George added them to AGWTracker.

Anyway, I always like experimenting with new APRS software and I am 
really starting to like AGWTracker. Then again, I have always been an 
early adopter. I was on UI-View when others still poo-poo-ed it as not 
being all there. Roger got it there, but changes in APRS will pass it by 
but who knows how soon. AGWTracker, still has a little ways to go, but 
it is close. This stuff is fun.


Bill Vodall wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Amateur Radio WB8NUT wrote:
>> I thought a few of you might be interested in trying out AGWTracker from 
>> George, the author of AGWPE packet engine. I was interested in trying it 
>> because I was a user of UI-View and want to move away from it since the 
>> code is frozen, no further development and the source code having been 
>> destroyed after Roger’s death (such as waste).
> What's the "exit plan" for AGW*?  What happens to all of Georges fine
> work if something happens to him?
> Bill 
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