[aprssig] NWS Alerts?

Bill Bird billbird at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 28 17:37:16 CST 2005

Are the U.S. National Weather Alerts (Watches, Warnings, etc) gone from the 
internet feed?  I have not seen any for a few weeks.  Normally they will light 
up various U.S. areas on either my Xastir or WinAPRS client software.  I use 
port 14580 with a filter including t/n but now I have tried port 1314 to get all 
aprs messages and still do not see any NWS messages.  Right now I am connected 
to midwest.aprs2.net but also use AHubWest.net.

Thanks and 73,

Bill Bird
Chesterfield, MO

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