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[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Tue Nov 29 12:14:52 UTC 2005

Linux (well debian based linux) has the "apt-get" command.... installing
xastir is as easy as going to the command prompt and typing:

apt-get install xastir

linux will download and install a stable version of xastir for you.
It's really easier than windows.  The only oddity about it is that you
have to be a super user (admin).

If you want to install the sources, then you aren't a newbie (hi hi),
but that's still fairly easy thanks to CVS and sourceforge.  Many of the
stripped down versions of linux such as puppy which as I recall is
50megs total, do not have the GCC compiler built in.  I have recently
remastered the "hamshack hack" knoppix cd to include shapelibs of each
county in South Carolina and it still fits on a CD with room to spare.
Anyone wishing a copy, please contact me.


Dave Baxter wrote:
> Hi...
> The problem I found, was that only sources were available for download,
> no runable binaries, despite Windows being in the list of supported OS's
> on the Source Forge site.  Even then only in .tar or .gz formats.
> Neither of those could be handled by either Puppy, Suse (or WinZip!) as
> far as I could find.  At least there was no association between those
> file types and any application provided in the distro'.  WinZip
> recognised them, but croaked on checksum problems.
> Also, compiling and linking, in my mind needs access to a
> compiler/linker?!?  If you don't have one lying about, unlikely for a
> newbie with a fresh install of Linux (whatever distro') you get nowhere.
> If there is one "hidden" within Linux, it needs to advertise itself so
> we can find it, or be associated with a make file, or whatever the
> equivalent is.
> The one thing that the Windoze community has sorted very well, is the
> automated install utilities.  99% of the time, the result works as the
> programmer intended.
> Until the Linux community can get to that sort of state, making it
> "newbie friendly" many will take a look, say "Neat", but go no further.
> Puppy is trying to do something along the automated install with it's
> .pup and .get schemes.  But as yet, only a handful of people can make
> such files that work, but they do work very well.
> The Linux community also need to tune up their distro's.  Suse 9 on a P4
> 1800 with 256MEG of ram, and many Gig of fast hard disk, it ran about as
> fast as an arthritic snail on a go slow, and that after some 15 minutes
> to boot!  For that one reason alone, I'd bin it...  No online help was
> available that I could access, via the net, phone or on the CD.
> Puppy run's fast, but there again the whole package fit's into RAM, so
> it would, and does!  But at the moment has limited support for non Puppy
> sourced applications.  The free FTP server is the only thing I use it
> for at the moment.
> Xastir again looks good, and not only I would like to play with it, and
> fully evaluate it.  So come on the Xastir types, do what it says on the
> side of the (Source Forge) tin, and make a Windows version we can
> actually download, install and use, WITHOUT having to compile/link etc.
> Start with one built for Win98.  That should run on 98, 2000 and XP
> without problems, covering the majority of Ham users I'd think.
> That is all...
> Dave G0WBX.
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