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[aprssig] Xastir install issues

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Tue Nov 29 15:17:29 UTC 2005

> In that case, it DOES NOT RUN ON WINDOWS!  (Sorry to shout)   It runs on
> a unix/linux emulator, that if you actualy read my posts, I cant (for
> whatever reason) install either, as the installer fails part way
> through.

Cygwin is simply a DLL that provides some of the Linux and POSIX functionality 
that is missing from Windows. It just so happens to be complex, but it isn't 
magic and it isn't an emulator that runs Linux programs. The program must 
still be compiled for windows and linked with the Cygwin DLL.

From the front page of www.cygwin.com:
"What Isn't Cygwin?
Cygwin is not a way to run native linux apps on Windows. You have to rebuild 
your application from source if you want to get it running on Windows."

So Xastir is indeed providing a windows program. It requires a DLL just like 
most every other program you download will install it's own DLLs. Xastir just 
uses Cygwin to give it the DLL it needs to run.

> Therefore, Xastir should not have any reference to Windows on the
> project information page...

Dude, don't look at the the Xastir page if you don't like. There are plenty of 
other people that don't have any problems running Xastir with Windows. Just 
because Microsoft Project crashes my Windows XP computer doesn't mean I have 
the right to demand that Microsoft remove all references to Microsoft Project 
from the web site.



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