[aprssig] Xastir install issues

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Nov 29 10:01:34 CST 2005

Come on guys.

No one, and I mean NO ONE (sorry again)  Has addressed the problem..
How to get a file that can be used with Windows/Cygwin etc.  None of the
downloads I can find from here in the UK have any usable archives that
can be opened with WinZip as it keeps saying things like "Not a Zip
archive" or "Checksum error".

Again...   Where can one get a zip file of Xastir, and whatever
tools/utilities needed to run on Windows, reliably?  NO ONE has
addressed that point, yet, all you say is "It's wonderful and works OK
here"  That helps no one.

My original Win2k installation is superbly stable, even though I have a
right royal mixture of stuff running on it, even old Win16 and some DOS
programs, some of it talking direct to the hardware!  Other than a
hardware failure (Primary boot disk failure) that system has been
running fine for 3 years now.  Despite my messing with my own
programming experiments (I2C IO via the printer port.  Great fun with NT

It's actualy up running an EchoLink proxy at this very moment, yep! It's
still there...

It was left in an unstable state after the Cygwin setup failed.  After
an hour and a half trying to clean it up, I just reloaded the recent
backup, and stability has resumed.

Just a DLL?  Seemed a whole lot more involved than that from what I
remember.  Name, rank, serial number etc, then a long pause (5 mins) and
a reboot, then reboot, then reboot, then reboot etc, so out with the
rescue disks...

I'm actually also trying to get the beginnings of Debian downloaded, but
am stuck in a large circular reference of web links that don't go to
anywhere where a download can be got from.  One of the Debian guys is
trying to figure that out at this very moment.

As for the Bash shell.  Well, I can do that sort of stuff with the best
of them.  When I started with computers, they just had rows of switches
and lights.  Just to boot the things you had to hand load a few 16 bit
words from the console.  I used to rebuild the moving head disk drives
as part of my job, and had to fight my way in to various assemblers and
compilers as part of that, so figuring stuff out is no strange process
for me.  But the quality of some of the Linux documentation (and Windows
it has to be said!) is just misleading at best.

If you actually read this far, well done!


Dave 'WBX.

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