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Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Nov 29 12:29:22 CST 2005

A TinyTrak will work, as will my own OpenTracker kit: 
http://n1vg.net/opentracker/.  They're similar in concept, with the main 
difference being that the OpenTracker can have its firmware updated easily 
(and for free) when new features or bug fixes are available.  Plus, it's got 
temperature and voltage sensors built in.

For a GPS receiver, I'd suggest either the Deluo GPS Lite or the Garmin GPS 
18.  I carry the Deluo units (with factory standard connectors, or wired for 
TT3/OpenTracker), and will probably order a batch of the Garmins soon. 
They've got some advantages over the Deluos, but the Deluos are the best 
value, if you're not taking them above 60km altitude.

My web store is here: http://www.argentdata.com/catalog/

The HTX202 works just fine with either the OpenTracker or TinyTrak.  I've 
got one and have no complaints, other than that it's kind of big and clunky. 
www.packetradio.com has wiring diagrams - the same cables will work with 
either tracker.

Byonics now offers a TinyTrak plus, with a bigger regulator capable of 
powering a 5 volt GPS receiver like the Deluo or GPS 18.  You can do that 
with an OpenTracker too, but it requires adding a heatsink and soldering a 
jumper wire if you want the tracker's regulator to provide power to the GPS. 
I've got something similar in the works (I've sold a few beta units 
already), but I won't have any more available for at least a week or two.

Scott, N1VG

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Would like to make a tracker using my htx202 handheld.
I asume i would what to use a tinytrac?.What basic gps unit
would be recommended?.


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