[aprssig] APRS Standard Connectors?

David Rush david at rushtone.com
Tue Nov 29 13:07:39 CST 2005

Have there been any recent efforts at developing a "standard" for APRS 
connections?  Seems every time I have something new to wire up, I look for 
a better way to do it than custom wiring widget A to widget B.

I have partially standardized with my own connections: all 12 VDC stuff 
uses the Anderson PowerPoles.
For GPS data, I've been using 2.5 mm stereo plugs and jacks, where the GPS 
is wired with a male plug, consistent with how the Kenwood D7 and 
PocketTracker are wired.

How about a suggested standard for 5 volt power?  I've been using RCA 
connectors lately, center positive, female on the power source side.

How about audio connections between radio and TNC (or TinyTrak, or 
OpenTracker, or ....)?  For audio from the radio, 3.5mm mono makes sense, 
as most radios have that jack for speaker output.  How about a connector 
for audio and PTT to the radio?  I've not come up with a good idea for that 
one, that's (a) readily available, and (b) not confusable (is that a word) 
with any of the other connectors.  Being fairly compact is a big plus, too.

David, KY7DR

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