[aprssig] APRS Standard Connectors?

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Tue Nov 29 13:15:35 CST 2005

At 02:07 PM 11/29/2005 -0500, David Rush wrote:
>Have there been any recent efforts at developing a "standard" for APRS 
>connections?  Seems every time I have something new to wire up, I look for 
>a better way to do it than custom wiring widget A to widget B.

My thoughts would be connectors that have some form of "locking". 3.5MM, 
RCA, coaxial power, for instance, all cannot be locked to prevent 
disconnection. I normally use plastic MOLEX connectors, with a row of pins 
missing. When extra security/ locking is needed, a ty-wrap around the whole 
thing keeps it together. (Ty-wrap goes where the pins are missing., for 
instance on a 9 pin 3 rows x 3 rows, middle row is empty)

>I have partially standardized with my own connections: all 12 VDC stuff 
>uses the Anderson PowerPoles.
>For GPS data, I've been using 2.5 mm stereo plugs and jacks, where the GPS 
>is wired with a male plug, consistent with how the Kenwood D7 and 
>PocketTracker are wired.
>How about a suggested standard for 5 volt power?  I've been using RCA 
>connectors lately, center positive, female on the power source side.
>How about audio connections between radio and TNC (or TinyTrak, or 
>OpenTracker, or ....)?  For audio from the radio, 3.5mm mono makes sense, 
>as most radios have that jack for speaker output.  How about a connector 
>for audio and PTT to the radio?  I've not come up with a good idea for 
>that one, that's (a) readily available, and (b) not confusable (is that a 
>word) with any of the other connectors.  Being fairly compact is a big 
>plus, too.
>David, KY7DR
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